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Putri Nabila
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JOM BK8 ! very nice ☺️☺️☺️
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I love my all money at eclbet 😭😭 guys don play casino!
Diane erica
Diane erica
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BK8 no 918kiss no mega888!! 👎👎👎👎
Nurnoby shahin
Nurnoby shahin
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Aku mengambil gaji bulanan dari BK8 hahah!
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从黄明志那里知道的,Support! Support!💁
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Pemain besar sepertiku pasti memilih BK8!
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Part of the money they paid for the models came from me fuck!🤬
BK8 Directory

BK8 - Malaysia Online Betting Casino

Bk8 casino has become quite popular in a relatively short time. Formerly, it was known by the name of Bola King.

Since its rechristening, it has retained its popularity and, in fact, has grown even more.

Among the numerous online casinos available for Malaysian citizens, the question is, which one should you go with?

Is Bk8 online casino worth signing up for?

We will answer all of this and more today in our Bk8 casino review.

Once you go through the Bk8 review below, it will become easier for you to decide.

BK8 Review

Bk8 has been around since 2018. Ever since then, it has been consistently expanding the type and number of games on offer. Thus, constantly evolving nature of the casino has given a huge impetus to its popularity.

Over the years, it has signed pretty famous brand ambassadors as well. Due to the same, its popularity across Malaysia has increased consistently.

The mobile-friendly casino allows you to play from any device. It is another reason why it has become so famous.

Also, it is available in Malay, English, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa, and Vietnamese. Due to the same, it is quite famous across the Asian region.

Now that you are aware of its basic details let us look at the games on offer.

BK8 Game Casino

  • Sports

    Bk8 offers you sports betting through 4 different providers, which are:

  • BK8 Sports
  • CMD368
  • Maxbet
  • Bet Radar

These four providers cover a variety of sports. You can pick the sport which you prefer playing but also get comparatively favorable odds.

  • E-Sports

    Bk8 offers you esports betting through Bet Radar. You can bet on various games like DOTA, CS:GO, and so on.

  • Live Casino

    Bk8 also offers various casino games like:

  • Blackjack
  • Dragon tiger
  • Baccarat
  • Big Wheel
  • Hi-Lo
  • And so on

The total number of games that you can choose from when it comes to live casino are plenty. That is because the casino sources it from many different reputed providers.

  • Slot Games

    Similarly, the number of slot games on offer are also plenty. The casino sources slot games reputed and trusted providers like:

  • Play’n Go
  • Asia Gaming
  • Pragmatic
  • 918Kiss
  • Nextspin
  • And so on

It uses the newest slot games from these providers. Due to this reason, you will find newer slot games available in the casino almost every week.

  • Fishing

    Bk8 also offers unique games, namely fishing games. It offers five fishing games, which include Cash Fish, Fishermen Gold, Fishing world, and so on.

  • Poker

    Bk8 also offers unique games, namely fishing games. It offers five fishing games, which include Cash Fish, Fishermen Gold, Fishing world, and so on.

  • Keno

    There are numerous Keno & lottery games which the casino has on offer as well. The fact that it has lottery games on offer ensures that you need not shell out a lot of money to play games on this casino.

As you can see, there are numerous types of games on offer by Bk8. Not only that, in each of those categories, you will come across hundreds of options as well. There is no dearth of gaming options when going with Bk8.

BK8 Safe

Bk8 is a fully encrypted platform. Also, it has an active SSL certificate as well. Additionally, it enforces various security protocols and ensures that there is no data leakage.Whenever you submit your information or a new user signs up, it undertakes many measures to prevent identity theft as well. Due to the same, you can consider it one of the safest casinos that Malaysian citizens can access.

BK8 Register

The signup process of Bk8 is pretty simple. It is as follows:

  • You have to click the register button on its website.
  • Once you do so, you have to enter your username and password. You can also enter the reference ID, if any.
  • After that, you have to click on the join now button.

It is a simple 3 step process. Once you confirm your email ID, you can deposit the money and start playing on the casino as well.

The advantage of a simplistic registration process is that you can signup within a minute. You need not to spend a lot of time going through the signup process.

The interface is relatively simple as well. Due to the same, it becomes easy for you to sign up on the casino website.

BK8 Voucher

Bk8 has more than 30 ongoing promotions. Due to the same, when you sign up on the website, you can easily get a lot of bonus offers and rewards as well. We will highlight these below.

  • Welcome bonus:

When you’re signing up on the casino for the 1st time, you will get a welcome bonus on your 1st deposit. The welcome bonus can vary from 50% to 150%. It depends on the type of game which you want to play.

  • Reload bonus:

The bonuses on Bk8 are not just limited to the welcome bonus. There are bonuses available as well.

The reload bonuses also vary from 5% for live casino going all the way up to 50% for 918kiss and Mega888.

  • Cash rebate:

One of the main reasons why Bk8 has become so famous is because of the cash rebate which it provides. Whether you win or lose, you get 1% of the turnover as a cash rebate daily. The best thing about Bk8 is that the cash to buy is available for a variety of games.

  • Rescue bonus:

Bk8 is one of the rare casinos which offer rescue bonus as well. You can get a rescue bonus of up to MYR 1000 if you make losses of more than that. While the cash rebate is available daily, the rescue bonus is available every month.

Bk8 wants to ensure that you always have some money to play the games which you like. Due to the same, it offers not only a cash rebate but also a rescue bonus.

With so many different bonuses and rebates on offer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with Bk8.

BK8 App

Bk8 allows you to play your favorite games from anywhere around the world. It has a highly responsive mobile app on offer.

You can download the mobile app from their website. The mobile app is available for iOS and android devices.

Once downloaded and installed, you can play any game available on their website. Not only that, the mobile app is updated consistently with the latest games which they have. Due to this reason, it becomes easier for you to enjoy your favorite games on your smartphone.

BK8 Affiliate

Yes, Bk8 has an affiliate program. It offers you monthly payments for the same.The commission rate is up to 40%. Not only that, it offers you a lifetime commission on referring the players as well. Due to the same, you can make a significant amount of money if you promote Bk8 casino as an affiliate.The casino also offers you access to a professional manager or can help you succeed in promoting the Bk8 casino.You can make a lot of money in a nutshell once you promote the Bk8 casino and get some players signed up.

BK8 Live Chat

Bk8 does offer live chat support. The chat is pretty easy to use. You need to stay logged in before contacting the live chat support.

Once you do so, the chat agents will be able to help you out easily. It does not matter if you have a question related to promotions, payments, or games; they can answer it all.

The best thing is that the Bk8 live chat agents will not ask for any information pertaining to your account.

You can ask them your query, and they will answer it right away. It is available for our registered members irrespective of the amount which you deposit.

In case you are not registered, use your nickname and still contact chat support. It ensures you are always able to get proper support.

There are numerous channels you can use to contact Bk8 casino as well.

In a nutshell, getting prompt support is not going to be an issue when you choose Bk8.

Is BK8 Legal in Malaysia?

BK8 casino has a license from Curacao Gaming. Not only that, it sticks to all the rules and regulations licensed to casinos and follows them very well. It is completely certified. It is legal for not only international players but also for machine demolition players. The security which it provides ensures that it follows all the rules and regulations and numerous jurisdictions.

So, yes, Bk8 is legal in Malaysia.

If you’re looking for a legal casino in Malaysia that offers you hundreds of games and also a mobile app and prompt chat support, Bk8 is the one which you should go with. Considering the fact that it has numerous promotions active always, you can gain maximum bang for your buck as well. Due to these reasons, we will definitely recommend Bk8 Malaysia to all players who want to have a superior gambling experience.