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Diane erica
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Nurnoby shahin
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Jomkiss​ Directory

Jomkiss - Malaysia Online Betting Casino

Online casinos are becoming incredibly popular and big. Even though Malaysia has never been considered a big casino hub, online casinos have changed the way casino games were viewed in the country. There are some big brand online casinos in operation in Malaysia. Like elsewhere in the world, people in Malaysia have taken to online gambling through these virtual casinos in a big way. Although gambling is largely illegal, online casinos seem to have found a way around as their services are highly popular among the local population.

How is Jomkiss placed in the Malaysian market?

Jomkiss seems to be an offshoot of 918Kiss, which is a hugely popular online casino in Malaysia. Jomkiss2 is also an online casino that is becoming increasingly popular with Malaysian gamers. This gaming site was set up in March 2020 but within a short span of time, it has mobilized a massive customer base.

It is the official online associate of 918Kiss. Jomkiss is the only online casino that offers a free 918Kiss credit claim every day. Although there are quite a few online casinos present in the Malaysian market including 918Kiss, the popularity of online casino games is drawing both reputed international brands as well as new offshoots of existing brands. Jomkiss seems to be placing itself in the Malaysian market for the long run.

There seems to be a lot of potential for online gambling and Jomkiss  is ready to claim its share of the business. 

Jomkiss2 is user-friendly

Jomkiss is an extremely user-friendly platform with a very simple yet attractive website. Among the games, it offers the full range of offerings from 918Kiss, Pussy888, Mega888, and Playtech. It has excellent user-friendly features for making claims, referrals, redeems, and rebates. Although there are detailed terms and conditions for the withdrawal of bonuses, the actual process is easy and simple. But you must read the terms and conditions so that there is no hassle or disappointment later on. 

You can top-up your account, play and win. After you have won, you can withdraw your money in a hassle-free manner. You can transfer your money from one game to another. The website also offers the facility to check your winning/playing history. These are some of the features that make Jomkiss an easy online casino to work and play with.

The games available here are replete with interesting graphics that enhance the experience of casino players. In fact, many of the games are the same that 918Kiss offers to its players.

To play online casino games at Jomkiss, you will have to register which is a simple process that requires you to provide your phone number and create a password. You will need the password for subsequent jomkiss login. After your registration is complete, you will have to make a deposit or top-up to your account before you can start playing the online casino games on the Jomkiss platform. The process is largely the same that other online casinos use. But this one seems to be focused on the Malaysian market and that is a big reason for the Malaysian fans of online casinos to bet big on this.

Jomkiss Withdrawal

Typically, it takes about 5 minutes to complete the withdrawal application. You can withdraw a minimum of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 30 and a maximum of MYR 10,000. You can withdraw as many times as you wish in a day but the amount of money you can withdraw in a day is capped at MYR 10,000. The only condition for withdrawal is that your balance should be a minimum of MYR 30. Usually, it takes about 15-30 minutes to process your withdrawal request and give approval. But it may take slightly more or less depending on the number of withdrawal requests received by the accounts department of Jomkiss.

For withdrawal, a member must comply with the terms and conditions laid down by Jomkiss. For each processing, the minimum withdrawal amount should be MYR 30. The daily withdrawal limit is MYR 10,000. Jomkiss may ask for verification documents for processing payouts from the player account. Large withdrawals may take longer to process and approve. Withdrawal is approved to only those individuals who have registered with Jomkiss as a player account. If you don’t fulfill the bonus criteria, your withdrawal request for the bonus will not be approved. Since the rejection of withdrawal can make your experience bitter, it is good that you read the fine prints during and after the signup but before you make the deposit.

Jomkiss Transfer Credit

Should you get bored with one game, you can transfer credit from one game to another. When you make a deposit your 918kiss ID gets credited. If you prefer to play other games, you can click Transfer’ and follow the procedure to transfer your credit to the game you wish to play. If you are bored with playing 918kiss, you can try other games by self-operated transfer of balance.

Jomkiss Promotion and Bonus

Jomkiss2 offers a welcome bonus of 30% on the first deposit after signing up. It also offers a 5% bonus on all subsequent top-ups. When you refer a friend and he plays, you get to play free for the same amount your friend plays. What’s interesting is that you can seek a 4% rebate on your losses on a weekly basis. You get the rebate every Monday. New members get a 30% welcome bonus on their first deposit and the amount can be claimed once the turnover crosses 5 times the deposit.

All new members registered with are entitled to promotional schemes offered by the casino. The welcome bonus can be claimed only once and the amount is capped at MYR 200. To get the welcome bonus, you must make a deposit of MYR 10 or more and the money should be deposited with Jomkiss as cleared money.

The bonus and deposit amount can be withdrawn after the turnover exceeds 5 times. For example, on a deposit of MYR 100, you get a bonus of MYR 30 but you can withdraw MYR 130 only when you have played worth MYR 650.

For turnover, all confirmed wagers will be counted. Wagers that ended up in tie, cancellation, void bets, or wagers will not be counted. The new member is required to complete the 5x turnover requirement within 30 days. If he fails to do so, his bonus will be forfeited.

What is Jomkiss?

Malaysia is not a big casino hub as some other countries in the region may be. It has at most two land casinos attached to a big resort. But with online casinos becoming popular, the number of casino players who are betting and putting a wager online is in the millions now. 918Kiss is one of the most popular online casinos in Malaysia and Jomkiss2 is an associate of 918Kiss. Among other games, Jomkiss2 offers most of the 918Kiss games.

Online casino games mimic their land counterparts but the online version has a clear advantage over the traditional land casinos. First of all, in terms of games both 918Kiss and Jomkiss2 offer a wide range of gaming options ranging from slot machines to poker, video poker, roulette, and many more games. 

Now, you can play these and more casino games from the comfort of your home or office. You don’t need to haul a taxi and reach the only land casinos tucked away in the hills. You can simply use Jomkiss2 apk to start playing. From the details above, you know that you need only MYR 10 to get started. What’s more, you will get a 30% bonus on your first deposit. The withdrawal system is absolutely fast and hassle-free. 

How to start playing Jomkiss?

To get started with online casino games is never difficult. It just needs a few clicks. Visit the Jomkiss2 site and choose the game you would like to play. Download it. Since you have already topped up your Jomkiss account, you have money in your account to fund your gaming session. Start playing. For 918Kiss games, you can visit to download the games. The downloads come for free.

In case, there is no money in your account, you can choose one of the many methods available to top up your account. With every top-up after the first time, you get a 5% bonus. Usually, it takes just a few minutes to complete the top-up and get the money in your player account. If you face any difficulty, you can ask the customer service that is available 24/7.  

Jomkiss Game details

The games available on Jomkiss are easy to understand and play. For each game, details are available about how you can create game IDs and reset passwords. For each game, you can bring the credit to the game’s account and proceed. The website keeps a neat record of the games you have played, your wins and losses. 

Jomkiss Final Thoughts

Jomkiss is available on Desktop and Android phones. It is one of the fastest-growing online casinos in the Malaysian market. It works as a close associate of another hugely popular online casino in the Malaysian market, 918Kiss. But it has its own games as well. To get started, you should create your jomkiss login and play it on jomkiss apk. You can also play the games on your desktop. It has a pleasant user interface.