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Putri Nabila
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JOM NOVA88 ! very nice ☺️☺️☺️
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Diane erica
Diane erica
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NOVA88 susah mng 👎👎👎👎
Nurnoby shahin
Nurnoby shahin
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Aku mengambil gaji bulanan dari nova88 hahah!
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从黄明志那里知道的,Support! Support!💁
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Pemain besar sepertiku pasti memilih nova88!
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Part of the money they paid for the models came from me fuck!🤬
Nova88 Directory

Nova88- Malaysia Online Betting Casino

Online Casinos that are available for Malaysian citizens are plenty. In fact, as a Malaysian gambler, you will be spoilt for choice.

However, instead of trying out the different online casinos, it is good to go through the reviews. Once you do so, choosing the best online casino becomes easy.

Today, we will review a Casino that goes by the name of Nova88. Our Nova88 casino review will help you understand what kind of games it has on offer and whether you should sign up with this casino or not.

Nova88 Review

Nova88 has been around in one form or the other since 2008. Its earlier names were IBCBET and Maxbet.

Since 2008, it has grown at a tremendous pace. These days, thousands of players are associated with it. That is because of the wide range of betting games which it has on offer. The Nova88 betting odds are also much better than many other casinos available online.

The number of games which it has is also growing consistently. It is a casino that does not shy away from introducing or integrating new games.

It is famous not only in Malaysia but also in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. It has captured a significant portion of the Asian market.

With its wide range of games, you can be sure that you can gamble in multiple ways from a single platform.

Due to all these reasons, it is a Casino that has gained significant popularity.

We will now highlight the type of games that are available on Nova88. Once you go through this list, you can understand whether it is worth signing up for a not.

Nova88 Game Casino

  • Sport Games

    One of the main reasons why Nova88 has become so famous is because of its vast collection of sports betting options. It allows you to bet on national, international, and even local football, basketball, and various other games. Not only that, it covers more than 50 leagues in total. The type of Nova88 bet which you can place are also plenty. The number of sports which it covers are increasing at a rapid pace. Due to the same, you can easily bet on your favorite sport without any worry. The 24-hour coverage means that you can bet on any game across the globe. The wide range of sports betting options makes it a good choice.

  • Casino Games

    Do you prefer the casino games instead? If so, Nova88 has plenty of options across that category as well. In total, there are more than 125 such games that you can enjoy. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Roulette Pro
  • Blackjack
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Bacarrat
  • And so on

With great graphics and excellent audio effects, you can be confident that you will enjoy the game. Not only that, but the collection of casino games is also expanding at a rapid pace. Every week, you will find new casino games available. The live dealer games are professionally hosted as well. While playing in this casino, you won’t experience boredom.

  • E-Sports

    In the last few years, Nova88 has also started offering virtual sports betting. It does not just cover the popular virtual games but also the sports-based ones like football, basketball, horse racing, car racing, bike racing, and so on. The advantage is that if you want to bet on digital games rather than the actual sport, you can do so easily using Nova88.

  • Keno

    In the last few years, Nova88 has also started offering virtual sports betting. It does not just cover the popular virtual games but also the sports-based ones like football, basketball, horse racing, car racing, bike racing, and so on. The advantage is that if you want to bet on digital games rather than the actual sport, you can do so easily using Nova88.

  • 4D

    The number games by Nova88 are pretty fast-paced and exciting. You can opt for under result betting, odd betting, and even higher or lower betting. The choice is yours. The game total has 75 balls. You can select the ball which you think will be drawn next. Live betting can undoubtedly keep things exciting. The number of games that are available on Nova88 are numerous and across multiple categories. This makes it much more exciting than many other casinos for Malaysian citizens. Numbers game make this casino more interesting.

We will now cover the other details of Nova88 to help you understand if it is really up to the mark or not.

Nova88 Safe

Nova88 is an entirely secure platform. Not only that, it uses SSL encryption to transmit the information.

Whether you are transacting on the platform or placing your bets, you can be sure that the information is entirely safe. Also, the personal details of the players are highly secure.

When you’re betting on Nova88, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about your money or data.

In terms of safety, Nova88 will not give you a reason to complain.

Nova88 Register

The registration process on Nova88 is relatively simple.

  • You have to visit the website.

  • Click on the register option.

  • Enter your name, email address, phone number, and password.

  • Confirm your phone number with the help of an SMS that you will receive.

  • After that, you have to click on the register button.

Once you do so, you can easily deposit money and start playing the games you love.

If you have carefully noticed the steps above, you will realize that Nova88 has an extra step. It requires you to confirm your mobile number. It is an additional security precaution that keeps your money as well as data completely secure. It is one of the primary reasons why Nova88 is much safer than other casinos online.

Nova88 Voucher

The casino has quite a few promotions which are currently active. These include:

  • Welcome bonus:

          On sign up and 1st deposit, you will get a 50% free bonus.

  • Top-up bonus:

On the 1st top-up every day, you will get a 5% bonus.
On the 2ndtop-up every day, you will get a 6% bonus.
On the 3rd top-up every day, you will get a 7% bonus.
On the 4th top-up every day, you will get a 8% bonus.
On the 5th top-up every day, you will get a 10% bonus.

  • Return to play bonus:

If you have been inactive on the casino website for 45 days and return, you will get a 50% bonus on your 1st deposit.

  • Recommendation bonus:

If you recommend your friends and they sign up and deposit money in their account, you will get free cash in your Nova88 account.

With so many different promotions available, you can benefit greatly by playing on Nova88 and recommending family and friends.

Nova88 App

The casino, however, does not have a mobile app.

If you want to enjoy the games on offer by this casino on a tablet or a smartphone, you can open the browser and visit the casino website. Once you do so, you can access most of the games.

The website is responsive. The screen resolution will adjust by itself.

The mobile website doesn’t have all the games available on the desktop website. The most popular games however, are available on the mobile webiste.

Nova88 Affiliate

Nova88 does have an affiliate program. You can make up to 45% of the revenue share.

Not only that, it has various tools for affiliates as well. If you want to promote Nova88 as an affiliate, you can certainly do so.

The process to sign up for the affiliate account is relatively simple. You have to submit your details and after that start advertising.

Not only is Nova88 a great casino, but it is also an excellent opportunity to make money. You can make up to 45% every time your referral wagers. That is what makes it so popular.

Nova88 Live Chat

The live chat support swiftly answers any queries regarding the casino or the games, or the payment methods. Live chat is available 24/7. The executives are pretty knowledgeable.

The executives can help you with any casino issue.

Moreover, to access the live chat, you need not share any personal details like your username or payment details. You can chat with them as a guest as well.

The live chat option certainly makes this casino easy to play on.

Nova88 is Legal in Malaysia?

Nova88 is a casino that follows all the rules and regulations. Due to this very reason, it is legal in Malaysia. Malaysian players can access it without any worry.

Couple that with the security it offers, and you should have no problem playing on Nova88 from Malaysia. It is one of the oldest casinos available formulation citizens. Due to this very reason, if you’re in 2 minds regarding Nova88, you should go with it.

Nova88 does not disappoint in any regard. Whether it is the number of games on offer, the bonus, promotions, or live chat support, It has it all. Nova88 is easy to play on, available for Malaysian citizens, and worth signing upon.